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What Could Be Better Than A Double [Fashionable]17/05/2013 11:08:04
What Could Be Better Than A Double You can choose to get a tuxedo that is either single or double-breasted. The double breasted tuxedo jacket usually has a flap that crosses over the front two rows of buttons, with the outer ones having a functional use inner ones being there for ornamental style. On the other hand, the single-breasted tuxedo makes do with only 1 set of buttons. The mid 20th century was the time to see and been seen in a double-breasted tuxedo. Unfortunately, these are on the decline with the current fashion being the single breasted version. Current fashion does not get some down; however, some people still consider the double breasted tuxedo an ageless classic. The double breasted tuxedo probably lost its popularity due to an influx of new designers who modernized men's suits. These designers appear to have very limited understanding of how to fit wear the double breasted suit. The double breasted tuxedo looks great on people of average stature, and when specially tailored, the wearer looks outstandingly good. The way the double breasted jacket works is to make the shoulders look wider by being cut to a flawless fit at the waist. People with small shoulders would do well to wear to wear this tuxedo, to make them look larger than life. If one has a bit more around the middle than desirable, the double breasted jacket will take attention off the waist. Some will always prefer to wear the double breasted suit but others deems it too old fashioned. They associate it with old black and white gangster movies. The times have changed, and during the recent revival of the double breasted tuxedo people could be seen in the winter and spring months wearing the tuxedo. Wool in navy blue and black have become the choice appearance for the tuxedo. In the office setting, the double breasted tuxedo has become a rare animal. If one is to spot someone in a double breasted tuxedo, it will be of the pin-striped variety. While you have many choices of pants that you can wear with a single breasted tuxedo, you are more limited with the double breasted suit to wearing pants with large cuffs. This helps to balance the jacket and make it appear lighter. Adding pleats to the waistline can also achieve this effect. Choosing a well respected ready to measure tailor will help you achieve the proper look when wearing your double breasted tuxedo. The kids tuxedo is a great tuxedo to purchase for the ring bearer in a wedding. Find out more about this tuxedos colors, designs, and fabrics at my site.

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